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Nanping Weishi Wood Industry Co.,Ltd. is China's leading manufacturer of OSHA grade LVL (laminated veneer lumber ) scaffold planks. Based in Nanping, Fujian, and operating since 2000, Weishi have it's own log yard , veneer rotary peeling plant , glue production plant , LVL production line and Laboratory , and We have earned a reputation for high quality products and excellent customer service.

Our mill has been certified by American Third Party Inspection Agency and was granted the certificate in 2009. Our resource is 100% plantation grown Masson pine, sourced from Nanping local forest.

Ultrasonic graded veneers of Masson pine that have been dried to uniform moisture content are bonded together in a proprietary manner that results in enhanced durability and strength.
Manufacturing to ASTMD standards, we maintain a process quality control system in compliance with the PFS certification scheme.
Each scaffold plank is individually proof tested to be confirmed to meet the deflection requirements of ANSI A10.8.
Our customers consist mainly of importers , wholesalers , construction companies throughout the world.
Our LVL scaffold planks are your best choice. More


Why is LVL better than traditional lumber? How is it made? Why choose WEISHI® laminated veneer lumber (LVL)? What value does it bring to construction projects? Discover all the smart reasons builders choose WEISHI LVL.





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